the girl who lived in the rain forest


Once there was a twelve year old girl who was kid napped by two robbers and taken to an Island. On the island there was beaches and rain forests. Her name was  Cathryn. She had almost nothing. She had some cloth, a blanket, a pot to cook with, cloths, a shovel, a pic ax, a sleeping bag, a flashlight, a dog and cat.

Let’s start from the beginning.

It was a dark and stormy night. Cathryn could not sleep  when she heard a crash and a scream. She grabbed her camping kit and put it in a pillowcase so she would be able to run if she had to. Than she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head.

The next thing she saw was herself in a small cloth bag. She peeked out of the cramped bag and noticed that she was not at home or not in her bed. She was on a deserted  Island, but she also noticed that the island was beautiful. There were wight sand on the beaches and turquoise water. The jungle was full of creatures of every type and color. There where monkeys swinging from the trees and elephants  spraying water from the pond. “I have to find food and a shelter” said Cathryn. So she set of to find food and shelter. When Cathryn tramped along she found a mother and a father monkey with their baby monkey. When Cathryn looked at the baby it looked not as well as the mom and dad. Cathryn said to the baby’s mom and dad “your baby is sick, do you want me to take care of your baby and make him well for you???
The mother and father thought about what Cathryn had told them. After a while they said to Cathryn “we will let you take care of our baby if we can find the food for him and you. Cathryn agreed with the monkeys and she asked them a question.”Do you have any friends on this island who I could be friends with Here???”The monkeys answered right away. Well we have a friend parrot, a friend elephant, a friend otter, a friend seal, a friend leopard, sea turtle, a friend iguana more monkeys and way more. ” well the fact is that I do not have a shelter for you and


The monkey blew a whistle and all of his friends of the forest came on the beach. We are all here to help this young lady make herself a shelter. We will all benefit from her. So all the animals started to build a shelter. ” They all look like busy bees thought Cathryn”. thee momma monkey said close your eyes until I say you can open them. When the momma monkey said open she saw nothing but trees and then the momma monkey said look up and Cathryn did as she was told.


Cathryn’s eyes opened wide. She could not believe her eyes. Her house was up in the trees. It had five landings and thatched roofs. There were ladders going from each floor to the next floor. There where tables and chairs and hammocks, desks, a feast, bowls, her own bed room oasis , and all of the animals were up in the trees. There was a tool room and a storage room.there was a garden that was huge. There was everything that she would need in all her life.

Cathrin said she had to get the baby monkey right  to bed. Then after she put the baby monkey to bed she set all the ingredients  on the long  birch table. “These ingredients are for the medicine Cathryn said.” She set to work with making the medicine. When the baby monkey woke up she gave the medicine to make it feel better.

  Chapter #2
the seal who could tell the weather.

One day Cathryn was down at the beach and she was looking at the horizon and then something jumped in front of her face. It was a seal. Not just any seal but a seal that could tell the weather. But something was wrong with this seal. She had a concerned look on her face. She started talking. So this morning, wait, wait said Cathryn. I have no idea who you are. Oh my name is Susana and my talent is telling the weather. Well, what is the weather asked Cathryn. Well you should probably come back with me to the seeing pool. What, there is a seeing pool on this island? Well of course there is a seeing pool on this island. So she brought them to the seeing pool and what they saw there was not good at all…

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.05.56 PM

Oh my goodness said Cathryn out loud in an astonished voice. What she saw was a hurricane ripping across the coast and it was huge. The hurricane was threatening to Catherine. She was scared. She was so scared that she ran home and collected fruits, vegetables and water. All the things you need for a hurricane. She started to knit a  blanket with here Hickory knitting needles. She knitted blankets and sweaters, hats gloves, and  casts for any animals that might get hurt in the hurricane. ℵ She collected abalone on the rocks and fished for salmon. She wove baskets for holding all the foods and water proof mats and put them on the roof. she put all the things that she had stored in a secret and safe room.  the room was inside of the trees trunk that held the main structure.  it was the safest room because it was the strongest. she was thinking of where she would sleep when a baby jaguar pulled her hair. she looked at it and she decided to name it cloud because he was as full of energy as a cloud is when it is a holds in rain. baby-jaguar-1600-x-1200-animal-wallpaper-desktop

Cloud had know parents of what Cathryn  new, so she said the little jaguar, ( do  you want to live in my tree house with me?) Oh okay said cloud. But Are you sure you will have enough room and food, also water for you to share with me? And can you guess what Cathryn said to cloud? Well she said, ” of course I do and Of course I will let you stay. Maybe you can meat some of my residents and fellow friends. What are the names of your friends? well there is baby monkey, and I haven’t figured out the other animal friends names yet. But Just then a strong gust of wind came and almost blew Cathryn and cloud over. Cathryn said we better get inside the hurricane is coming a lot quicker than I expected. And so Cathryn and cloud went to seek shelter with her animal friends in her safe place to wate out the hurricane.






snow, a song about snow.

I would like to, I would like to tell you about a song about snow. It is a really really pretty song. I think you, I think you would like it. Okay here it goes,

Its a song about snow, Its song about snow, Its a song, Its a song, its a song about snow. Oh come back my darling, come back don’t melt away, away.

I don’t know what to write about.

So guess what,  I can not think of anything to write about so I am writing that” I don’t know what to write about”. So  I can not think of anything to write about. To me it is really fun to write about what you are writing about. You may not like to write about what you are writing about  but as I said before I like to do this. All you have to do is write what you  are thinking about. So the next time you don’t know what to write about, write about the fact that  you don’t know  what to write about.


that’s a tung twister.

The air canon

My cousin has this air canon and when ever we go to California we are able to use it.  My cousin Brian put a metal marble into it, I think it went 40 or 100 miles per hour!!!! Last year we used it up at this college and it went really high in the air.  The reason why we didn’t use it that much is because  I  broke it and this is how.When we couldn’t find a soccer ball, so we used a basketball instead.  When I punted the ball it went squarely down to the end  of the pipe.  Boy, did it tumble to the ground like a smooth rock rolling down a really steep mountain. When it happened  I really felt bad and I tried to explain  to him how bad  I felt but I think he was just  being nice to me because I am his little cousin. I am still trying and he said now  it is going to be  better. He also said that he is going to make a new one.

So now you now why we didn’t use it a lot while we were there. Also, did I forget to tell you how smart and “cray cray” in a good way Brian is.Well he is as you can see, building a air canon. To tell you why I love him so much is about a million more story’s.

My Teacher :)

Miss Schofield is my teacher. She is all you could ask for. She is nice but strict and she is so creative. For example she will make a work place fun to learn because she will make one of  the players Fousto player one and Addy player two. one side will be Fousto and the other would be Addy.  When I was having trouble with organization she helped me by making a solution which was to put up this blog. She helps everyone in different ways and she loves us as if she is a mama bear loves her cub.



🙂                Lexi                                  (:

Norwalk Aquarium

For Hannukah my grandma took us to the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium. It was so much fun! Let me tell you about it. We parked in a parking lot far away from the aquarium. We had to walk a long distance but it was good exercise. When we got into the aquarium we got to pass everyone in line because my daddy was smart enough to get tickets online. When we got into the lobby there was a choir. My daddy said if we wanted 1to see everything we wanted to see we better get going. The first place we went was the touch tanks. There were manta rays and sharks. The manta rays felt like silk and the sharks felt like sand paper. AS you can see on the front of my blog I am under a shark. When I reached far into the water my shirt sleeve got wet and I had to dry it off. The next place we went was a jelly jelly fish tank. The water was so cold and it felt like ice. I was able to touch them on the top of  the jelly fish. they felt like jello and jelly mixed together. also my sister and I had brought our camera we took allot and I mean allot of photos.

One of my favorite animals that they had there was the big sharks and the sea turtle. the reason why I liked the sharks is because they look so peaceful and dangerous at the same time. The reason why I liked the turtle is because the two turtles that we saw looked so graceful and pretty.we saw so many sea creatures.

it was such A good day. can’t wait to tell you another story about my glorious life.

and that’s my story.

2014-12-13 16.18.01




Ice skating on our lake

2015-01-17 15.27.55-2.

I am so exited to skate for the first time in 4 years on ours and our neighbors  lake. Its actually my first time ever in my history that I am skating in my new ice skates!!!!  Crunch,crunch,crunch went the gravel below my feet as we walked to the lake. Watch out for icy  patches on the road said my daddy and when we got on the sand … Cassie my sister and I saw an ice patch and we ran over to it and slide on it as we waited for my mommy and my daddy to come.

Bulummp went my feet as we made the anxious long walk to…the end of the dock where we were going to start. Daddy, can you help me get on my skates please, Cassie how about we go on the ice at the same time??? Okay, I am done how about you? Yeah, lets go!!!! Were off, well not really.Woooo, aaaaaaa, wow that’s a little  hard, but I think  I got it. Lets go see how daddy is doing, daddy are you almost ready to skate?? Yes and now the three of us where off!!! The reason why my mom wasn’t in skate’s because her skates that she ordered were too big on her.

Wow the ice is really easy to skate on.Why, because it is like a sheet of glass so you slide like you never meant it. My sister and I made a trick to show our parents and it was to hold hands and swing both of us round and round.

Time to go said mommy because I’m going to freeze.

And that’s my story.